About Mandie

Visual Artist | Professional High-Fiver

I paint my images to emulate the vibrancy and glow of a stained-glass window.

Avid Mango Lover | Occasional Jedi

I believe that sharing our light is the most important thing we can do in inspiring and loving others, and like a stained-glass window, our full brilliance is revealed only by having that light shine through. ​ 

Skywalker | Sneezer Extraordinaire

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."

 -Matthew 5:16

Born in Louisiana, and taking inspiration from the colors and styles of the Mardi Gras city, Mandie Manzano illustrates her favorite fairy-tales and characters in a style all her own. Having studied visual arts at Southeastern Louisiana University, Mandie’s trained hand sheds a unique light on some of the most memorable tales. 

Created to inspire

A little history of my journey

I started creating art professionally in 2009.

God loves to leave little easter eggs all around for us to find, and after almost a decade of creating art, I look back and see how He ordered my steps to bring me to the place that I am now.

When I first began studying art, a teacher I admired told me to "create the way I was created to." It always stuck with me. I started developing what I like to call "Gumboism" as it is an infusion of all the things I like to throw in my artistic pot. :-)

However, as I was first starting out, I became very, very ill and was "Sofa" ridden for awhile. I couldn't even stand or sit up to paint. All I could do was paint on my iPad with my finger. So I became a glorified finger painter! I started creating artwork and sharing it on the SketchClub App and its online community. It took off from there! I fell in love with Digital Painting too!

 What I love most about the arts community is that we all stick together and build each other up. The words of encouragement and wise critique inspired me to continue and develop my craft. I look back now and see that time that I was sick as a testimony. The scripture in Jeremiah rings true. The sentence "plans to give you a future" was evident in the trial that I went through. My test became my testimony.

Flash forward to now, and my faith has only grown stronger. Through-out the course of my artistic journey, I've received many messages of how art has been used to heal and bless. I realized that if God gave me this desire to create, then it was meant to be created for Him. And if there is one thing I know about Him is that he is absolutely SELFLESS. If He gives us something, He wants us to give it away to help others.

NOW my mission is to take the talent that was given to me and GIVE it back to people - to be used to inspire, heal, and bless.

NOW my goal is to share the LIGHT of the Lord in those dark moments.

NOW my job is to INSPIRE others to use the gifts God has given them. Believe me, you have one!

and NOW my passion is to MINISTER with art. I believe art can bring color to a colorless heart, bring joy and a smile to someone's face, teach powerful lessons, and I believe it can even heal too.


"Neglect NOT the gift that is in thee."

1 Timothy 4:14

Features & Publications

 2011 Published in the 2011 Drawing Day Book

2011 Featured on www.buzzfeed.com "The Art of Mandie Manzano"
Trending Article by "Ash"

2011 Featured on MTV Brazil trending news articles in the Arts

2011 Featured on GeeksAreSexy.net "Amazing Stained-Glass Style by Mandie Manzano" Article

2011 Featured on VSauce News

2012 Featured Artist of the week on Artsyhome.com

2012 Published in Disney Junior Magazine by Evergreen Publisher SDN

2012 Featured in 9gag.com popular trending art on the internet

2012 Designtaxi's 10 most popular trending stories on the internet
"stained glass effect" pop art

2013 Pelicans Flock on Parade - Slidell Community Project

2013 DreamWorks Animation Fine Arts Artist included "Turbo" in collection

2014 “City I’m Proud to Call Home” Winning Art Piece for The Leadership Northshore 2014 class Team Pride

2014 Featured in Slidell Magazine & Times Picayune - Nola.com 

2014 Featured Artist at RAW Artist Exhibition - New Orleans, LA

2015  United Way of Southeast Louisiana's annual Glitz, Glamour and Giving event with Artist's and Causes

2015 The  Hope for Habitat: Katrina X   and book publication 

2015 Cover Artist for the Slidell 2015 Arts Evening Festival 

2015 Featured artist at the Nina Torres Miami Art Expo - Miami, Fl

2015 Some Enchanted Evening Art Walk Exhibition - Heritage Park, Slidell, LA

2015 Cover Artist for Slidell Magazine

2016 Slidell Arts Evening Exhibition in Olde Towne

2016 Cover illustration for the novel "Cogling" by Jordan Elizabeth

2016 International Artist's Accomplishment Award by I Premio Internazionale Tiepolo Arte de Milano - Presented by Salvador Dali's Son, Jose Van Roy - Premio, Milan, Italy

2017 "Lady Camellia" Cover Art for 90th Edition of Slidell Magazine

2017 Mandie Manzano Jigsaw Puzzle App announced

2017 Featured Poster for "Peter and the Starcatcher" Slidell Little Theatre Productions

2018 Featured artist in the "100 Cover's Celebration SLIDELL MAGAZINE art Exhibit - Olde Towne, Slidell LA

2018 "Who You Say I Am"  Cover Art for the 101 Slidell Magazine Edition

2018 Book Cover Illustrated "The Keeper and the Compass" for author Katie Baker

2018 First Poster Artist for the 5th Annual Giving Hope Foundation Gala - New Orleans, LA

2018 Global Art Award Nominated Finalist in the Digital Art Category -  Dubai, United Emirates